Ethereum Scam Database

The Ethereum Scam Database is a crowdsourced collection of scam accounts on the Ethereum platform. It was launched a year ago, and has since registered 2,614 potentially fraudulent accounts with linked addresses. Most of these issues have been resolved, but there are still a few scammers in the Ethereum space. To help you protect yourself and other users, we’ve put together a list of infamous ICOs and websites.

If you want to protect your cryptocurrency investment, it’s critical to be aware of Ethereum scams. The exponential growth of cryptocurrency markets has created an environment for shady activities. The Ethereum Scam Database is an open-source database that can guide you away from potentially fraudulent actors. You can get the free version and upgrade to the paid version at any time. It’s well worth your time. There’s also a free trial version to use to see if it’s right for you.

The Ethereum Scam Database is free to download and can be easily accessed on most devices today. It helps you manage and track ethereum scams with ease. By grouping them into categories, you can focus on the important things, like the cryptocurrency. And you’ll find it simple to navigate as it’s compatible with most modern-day gadgets. This free version contains just the current ethereum scams, which means you can rest assured that it won’t be missed.