How to Check the Website is Real Or Fake

To avoid falling victim to a website scam, know how to spot a fake website. A good way to spot a fake is to look at its connection type. If the URL you’re seeing doesn’t start with HTTP or HTTPS, chances are, it’s a fake. If you’re unable to find a contact form, you should immediately move on. If the website doesn’t have a contact form, click on the URL.

Fake websites have poor grammar, gibberish, and other grammatical mistakes. Even if you’ve tried to contact the company, you’ll find that they’ve never replied. In addition, you’ll notice that they don’t have contact information or any way to exercise their policies. If you’re unsure, use a website fraud detection tool such as Which? Scam Alerts.

Look for contact information. If there’s no contact information on the website, it’s a fake. A legitimate website will have contact information. You’ll be able to verify a company’s legitimacy by checking its address, street view, and LinkedIn profiles. It may even have a photo of the owner of the website. Using these tips will ensure you’re doing business with a genuine site.

When you find a website you’re interested in, look for any social media icons. While the majority of legitimate companies have a presence on social media, a fake website will have fake Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you’re not sure, check out company reviews and look at their employees on LinkedIn. Likewise, check the domain name. Make sure it doesn’t have any unusual symbols or dashes. If it looks similar to a famous brand, it’s probably a fake.

It’s important to always avoid offers that seem too good to be true. Don’t provide sensitive information to a website you don’t know. Especially if it’s an e-commerce site, don’t give your financial details to the site. If you’re worried about scams, you should report the website to Google Safe Browsing. In addition to reporting the site to Google, you can also report it to other websites in your area.

When it comes to e-commerce websites, you should always look for a postal address. The address of a real business should be prominently displayed on a website. Otherwise, it’s a scam. This will allow you to identify whether the website is safe to purchase from. If it doesn’t, look for other ways to verify it. By using Google Safe Browsing, you can prevent yourself from being a victim of a scam.